Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find answers to some of the questions I am most commonly asked. I hope these answers help us plan your session, but feel free to contact me with any other questions!


  • Where are you located?
    • I am in Avon, which is just west of the city.
  • Can I choose our session location?
    • Sure!  I work in many different locations around the city, and love finding new spots.  If there is a spot you love, I’m in!  If you need some guidance, that’s okay, too.  I can recommend some great locations based on your style and where you live.
  • Do you charge for traveling?
    • If you would like your session to take place more than 25 miles from me, I do charge a small fee for the extra travel and child care required.
  • What time will our session take place?
    • This depends on the session type.  Newborn sessions are held in the morning, when most babies are nice and sleepy.  Cake smashes are scheduled around nap times to make sure we have a happy baby!  Maternity and family sessions are held in the last few hours before sunset to best take advantage of the beautiful evening light.  Although this might throw off your bedtime schedule for a night, it is absolutely worth it to have beautiful images where no one is squinting!

Our Session Together

  • Do I need to bring anything to our session?
    • Usually no.  If your session is a newborn session, feel free to bring along any special items you would like included in your session.  Remember things like a bottle (if needed), extra diapers, etc.  If you are having a family session, you don’t need to bring anything.  I do recommend bringing snacks for small children, though!  For a cake smash, remember to bring a clean change of clothing for the car ride home!
  • What if we have to reschedule?
    • Having to reschedule happens.  If someone in the family is sick to the point that going forward with your session would be worse than trying to choose a new date, I am absolutely fine with rescheduling.  Unless you fail to give me an adequate heads-up, there is no charge to reschedule for illness.  But even if everyone is healthy and ready to go, we still live in Cleveland, home of “40 degrees on Monday, 70 degrees on Tuesday, and snowing on Wednesday”.  I keep a number of backup dates open each month in case of bad weather, and there is no fee to reschedule if it’s raining (or otherwise unpleasant!).  Cleveland weather is unpredictable and changes very quickly, so I typically wait to call off a session until that morning.
  • What if my kids don’t cooperate?
    • I am great with kids – I promise!  I have one of my own and about a million nieces and nephews, so I feel completely comfortable handling your little ones.  I typically start sessions with small kids by letting them get used to me before sticking a camera in their faces and expecting them to behave.  I bring small toys to capture their attention and I am not above making myself look ridiculous to get them to laugh at me!  My style involves a lot of candid, play-based images, so most of the time kids are too engaged in playing with mom and dad to notice that I’m following and taking pictures.  That said, sometimes kids just don’t want to cooperate.  Whether they are tired, hungry, scared or simply in a bad mood, we can’t force a two year old to do something he doesn’t want to do –  and I don’t try.  I just work around it.  If your two year old wants to be held the entire time, we’ll use that to our advantage!  If he wants to run from us and have nothing to do with family images, we’ll wait him out (and get some cute images of him running in the meantime)!  The worst thing we can do is get upset or frustrated, because then we’re all unhappy!  I know it’s tough to stay calm when you’ve got a two year old throwing a fit in the middle of family photo time, but it will be okay!
  • How can I best prepare my kids for our session?
    • Even though I can generally work with a little one that is less than impressed with me, some preparation goes a long way in ensuring the success of our session!  Start talking to your kids about what’s going to happen long before the session takes place.  Make it sound exciting!  Plan a special treat for after (or the next day if yours are too little to stay out after dark!).  You can even show kids poses and let them select a few that they love!  During the session, try to stay calm and have fun!  An upset parent makes for a crying child.  Even if you think your little one is behaving horribly, I’ve probably seen worse!  Plan to stop for a snack break and just keep going!

My Gallery

  • Do I have to choose a certain number of images for my final gallery?
    • No!  You will receive any images I edit.
  • How many images will I receive?
    • This depends on a few things.  Different session types have different final gallery numbers.  A newborn gallery is typically going to be much smaller than a family gallery due to the level of preparation each newborn pose requires.  So while a typical newborn gallery may only have 25 images, a typical family gallery may have closer to 40.  If we have a particularly difficult session, your final gallery will be smaller than it would be if we had an easy day.
  • Can I see/have all of the images you took at my session?
    • Unfortunately, no.  Most of the images captured at your session will not end up in the final gallery.  I capture many more images than we actually need to complete a gallery.  Some are going to be unusable because of things like blinking, movement, etc.  Some are simply duplicates.  I take great care to only choose the best images for your gallery, and adding images that do not meet my standards would not improve your gallery.
  • I would love a certain image in black and white!  Can that be done?
    • Absolutely!  While I typically deliver your images in color, I am happy to convert a few of your images to black and white, if you’d like!
  • I see my gallery comes with a print and posting release.  What does that mean?  Do I own the copyright to my images?
    • A print and posting release means that you will have permission to post your images online and print them anywhere you’d like.  Your images are delivered in high resolution, so you can print them the size of a billboard, if you want!  This does not mean, though, that you own the copyright.  The copyright always stays with me, as the creator of the images.  What does this mean for you?  It means that you can’t make changes to the images.  You can crop to print at a certain size, but other than that, editing my images in any way is a big no-no!  Instagram filters, editing apps on your phone, etc., take away from the images I created for you, and can seriously misrepresent my work to those that see it.  It’s like a guest at a restaurant stopping a waiter on his way to deliver a meal to a table, cutting up the food, adding a bunch of salt, pouring on some sauce, and sending the food to the table.  You may think the food is better that way, but the chef most certainly doesn’t agree!  Please don’t do this to my images!
  • Gotcha!  No changing the images!  But where can I print them?
    • While you are free to print your images anywhere you’d like, I strongly encourage you to avoid places like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Shutterfly, etc.  These places may be inexpensive, but you get what you pay for!  I recommend mpix for printing at home.  They are the closest thing you can get to a professional printer, and you’ll love your prints!  For things like albums, canvases and birth announcements, while you are again free to order from the vendor of your choice, I would love to print those for you!  I offer competitive prices, and can guarantee the quality of your finished products.  I love designing albums and cards, and would be happy to show you some examples!

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